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If you don’t have it already, get Right Now Midia Here: Right Now Signup


Individual or Group Bible Studies

There are thousands of these available at RightNow Media. We recommend RightNow’s original Bible studies. They include terrific free downloadable study guides to help with individual or group studies.


Kids Programming

RightNow has a massive selection selection of videos for kids of all ages!

What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver is the best Bible overview teaching for kids or adults! Parents or grandparents - watch this series with your kids.


And More…

Explore the options. There are excellent videos for men, women, teens. Subjects such as marriage, parenting, apologetics, finances, etc. Don’t just watch alone. Gather with a (healthy) friend or two. Now is a great time to encourage one another. We want to remind you to use good hand-washing and distancing practices. Remember the recommendation to gather with no more than 10 people.