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Tammy Goetsch--Adopt-A-Block of Aroostook Director


Favorite part of your role at MSBC?

My favorite role at MSBC is to serve those who God has given to our care. From those I know, to those I don’t, by reaching out into our community and loving others. Every connection is a great opportunity to share the love of God.

How did you get into ministry?

When I surrendered to Christ in 1991, my life was no longer my own. I had spent many years A.W.O.L. (away without the Lord) and I wanted to give him all I had for the advancement of His Kingdom on this earth. I believe that on the day we say, “Yes Lord” we are compelled into ministry, He gives us the ability to be witnesses at that very moment.


Houlton, Maine. Lived in California for 25 years when the Lord called our family to return to the place of my birth.

Family Info:

I married Bill, the love of my life, in 1987. He loves God and spurs others to do the same. We have 4 grown children and are blessed to have grandchildren as well.

One thing God wants me to share with others...

That’s hard because there are so many things that He wants me to share, but one is that no matter where we have gone, or what we have done, there is forgiveness at the foot of the cross. Jesus’ love has no beginning and no end.  Because I have been forgiven much, I can love much!

What is a fun/interesting fact about you?

I played the golden goose in Jack and the Beanstalk, and Tiger Lily in Peter Pan, it might not be interesting but it sure was fun! Those were two of many characters I was able to play in the many years I was involved in theater.

What makes you laugh?

Other people’s laughter, it’s contagious. (Oh, and seeing someone really wipe out while tubing behind a boat…for some strange reason I find that very funny!)