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  Robert 2021
Robert Nuccio - Executive Pastor


Favorite part of your role at MSBC?

Helping people on their journey with Jesus.

How did you get into ministry?

A week after I gave my heart to the Lord I was invited to lunch after church. Little did I know that it was a recruiting lunch for the youth ministry. I gave it a try and have been involved with youth ministry ever since, but it would be another 9 years before God called me to full-time ministry.


Charleston, South Carolina.

Family Info:

My wife and I met in 2003 and were married in 2006. We have three children, Morgan, Anna, and Grayson. We have traveled the world together and look forward to what God has in store for us next.

One thing God wants me to share with others...

Trust in Him. If we can trust God with our eternal security, we can trust Him with our day-to-day issues too.

What is a fun/interesting fact about you?

I have traveled all over the world, some for work with the military and a lot for fun. I enjoy visiting new places! Oh, I’m also a diehard Carolina Panthers fan!

What makes you laugh?

Random jokes. I laugh at spots in movies when no one else does too.